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Jomhouri Eslami: Understand this fact

The Jomhouri Eslami newspaper wrote in its editorial column: “It is not right to expect the new government to solve the country’s economic problems quickly and to provide for the people’s livelihood in a short period of time. The promises they made (during the presidential election campaign) were only for p8ublicity purposes. To blame the problems on this and that government is just projection and a way to entertain the people…

For years, they said, the problem is with the officials who are corrupt and fill their pockets and let the people alone. The presence of some corrupt people in the executive apparatus and other powers cannot be denied, but limiting corruption to the presence of these few people is a kind of blame game. The denial of the existence of widespread corruption mafia in the country is the main problem of the officials who chant the slogan of fighting corruption but either ignore the existence of a large mafia consortium or turn a blind eye because they cannot fight it.

We must openly and far from propaganda games admit that there are only two ways to solve our country’s economic problems; Lifting of the sanctions and resolutely and decisively fighting the corruption mafia.

Sanctions cannot be lifted through frustration-based diplomacy. We do not believe in giving concessions and falling short of the principles and rights of the nation, but diplomacy also has shortcuts that can be used to achieve the genuine rights of the people. The delay in lifting the sanctions has so far cost the country thousands of billions of dollars and left people in dire straits. Officials live a comfortable life with their regular salaries and benefits, but the lives of the majority of people are collapsing. The gentlemen must understand this fact. … “

The editorial of the newspaper refers to the recent positions of the supporters of the government who refused to negotiate with the parties of Barjam (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and believe that Barjam is a stinking corpse. Kayhan newspaper is practically at the forefront of this line of thinking and considers any negotiations with the Western parties fruitless.


Shargh: Assets of the officials is security matter and confidential!

On its political page, Shargh newspaper has discussed the issue of registering the assets and properties of the country’s officials and says: “The story began with a resolution passed at the Expediency Council, which reached the tenth and now the eleventh parliament (for approval). 

The Expediency Council ruled that exposing the assets of the officials is an offence and violators will face severe punishment. In the tenth semi-reformist parliament, the principlists (Osoolgarayan) claimed transparency in publishing the properties of the officials.

But now in the all-principlists parliament not only has its secrecy been confirmed; they have even stamped it with security. Even at the same time that the resolution was classified as secret, the Kayhan newspaper wrote a critical note about it; “But these days, when the Conservative parliament itself not only insists on this secrecy, but also seals it with security, there is no news of protest.

Shargh writes: “Following the decision of the Expediency Council a few years ago, it was decided that the judiciary would consider a system for registering the property of officials. … This system was unveiled two years ago, but no report has been published so far; How many people and from which institutions have registered their property information with what responsibility, while the decree itself states that if the officials do not declare or report incompletely or conceal, they will be subject to a sixth degree punishment, which is in the sixth development law. This is despite the fact that, according to judicial officials, 250,000 people were expected to be included in the law, as Article 3 of the Law on Assets of Officials lists 23 titles, including senior managers in governmental and non-governmental institutions. “It also includes the rank of brigadier general and includes the heads of police stations and the armed forces. It also covers a group of members of the Assembly of Experts on Leadership and members of the Expediency Council.”

This decree was approved in 2015 (2015) to increase the trust between the people and the officials and to prevent the accumulation of wealth and abuse of office to obtain illegitimate property.


Kayhan: Points about Iraqi Parliamentary Elections

While a day has passed since the announcement of the results of the Iraqi parliamentary elections, all the newspapers have only published the official news and positions of the government. But Kayhan is the only newspaper that has addressed the issue, writing in its “Note of the Day” column: The Iraqi parliamentary elections were held on Sunday this week with the participation of about 44% of those who had a voting card, which shows a decrease of one to two percent compared to the previous elections.

In this column, Kayhan, while examining the background and conditions of the Iraqi elections and analyzing the results obtained, concludes with caution: In the end, it seems that the “change” in the elections, although not so bold as to lead to the formation of “another Iraq”, could create a new atmosphere in Iraq. In this election, the parties were weighed once again, some lost weight and some other became stronger, and some left the scene completely. It is hoped that in the new environment, the parties will be better able to move towards understanding and establish a strong, efficient and accountable government.

The Iraqi elections are of particular importance to Tehran because of its political and religious conditions, long borders, Kurdish debates, the Shiite issue and Shiite holy shrines, and most importantly, economic relations. According to the results obtained in Iraq, Muqtada Sadr has been in the forefront and has not had a very positive view in line with Iran in the past.

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