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Saturday, 09 Oct. 2021

Aftab Yazd: Alarm for Shortage of Doctors

Aftab Yazd newspaper in a front page noted: Vacancy of more than 650 specialized medical seats, even in such fields as heart and urology, should sound the alarm bell for the officials before the medical team.” 

This statement is the text of a tweet by Ali Jafarian, a professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, which has referred to the issue with Immigration Tsunami hashtag.

Jafarian has further commented: Mental preoccupation with migration is much worse than migration itself because it makes the people unmotivated to work and remain idle; a kind of dull and torturous daily life, with the constant thought of being stuck and having the desire to escape from the environment, the government must change the situation, if Iran is to see the all-out progress. I myself had the opportunity to immigrate in three levels of general medicine, specialization and faculty member, without any rents but proudly chose to stay in Iran and I do not regret it; now I can hardly justify the reason for this decision to the young generation, let alone those who wanted to go but could not. 

Babak Gharaei Moghaddam, a physician and neurosurgeon, also told Aftab Yazd: This alarm bell has been sounded for years. That is to say, in the field of medicine, there has been an inability to attract and use human resources. Some of the best students in the country willingly study medicine with love and interest…. Doctors still have to be sent to deprived areas by force, while many go to the most remote countries and bad areas of other countries and are ready to work there. Because in other places their work is appreciated….

Shargh: Will Rowhani Break His Silence?

Selecting the above headline on its front page, Shargh newspaper quotes the head of the Article 90 Commission of the Majlis as announcing the filing of a case against Hassan Rowhani and asks: Will Rowhani break his silence?

Shargh writes: Rowhani was the head of government for eight years from 1392 (2013) to August this year, and due to the special circumstances of his presidency, there was not a day or week that he did not speak or attend meetings. Before coming to the presidency, he had busy days at the Strategic Research Center of the Expediency Council and at the Supreme National Security Council, and even during the war (with Iraq), he was a member of the Supreme Defense Council and vice-speaker of the parliament, but these days he preferred to remain silent … His opponents however, have not remained silent, and in the latest action by the head of the Article 90 Commission of the Majlis, it has been announced that a case has been filed against Hassan Rowhani’s activities in this commission, and its various dimensions are under investigation.

Shargh newspaper also published an interview by Fars News Agency with Hojatoleslam Hassan Shojaei, the head of the Article 90 Commission, and quoted him as saying: More than 500,000 signatures and complaints against Hassan Rowhani have been received by the Article 90 Commission of the Majlis and there are even some petitions, many of which are handwritten and have people’s signatures that will be also studied. Of course, he said that the time for the establishment of the inspection team of the Article 90 Commission in the President’s Office is not clear, but since it is approved by the Commission, it must be implemented.

The charges against him include: Increasing the exchange rate and devaluing the national currency and destroying people’s assets, employing enemy spies and dual nationals in key government positions, and paving the way for an increase in coronavirus-related deaths by preventing the spread of traditional Iranian medicine and indisputable obedience of the WHO and cooperation with the nation’s boycotters through the illegal implementation of the Palermo and CFT treaties and disclosure of ways to circumvent the sanctions and rejection of proposals of friendly countries to rid the country of the rule of dollar, destroying family foundations, spread of gambling, murder, theft, sexual perversions, mental illnesses and many other corruptions and catastrophes due to the development of foreign domination over the country’s cyberspace…

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Etemad: Relative political openings

Etemad newspaper reported with a banner headline about speeches of Karroubi and Khatami during the recent religious holidays and wrote: Commemoration of the 40th day of the death of Allameh Mohammad Reza Hakimi, which was held at Jamaran Hosseiniyah, had a special guest along with some members of the Imam Khomeini family and a number of clerics and personalities and mainly reformist political figures; Seyed Mohammad Khatami, the head of the reformist government, who, although has appeared in some public circles in recent years despite some restrictions, has not been able to speak at least at this level since about a decade ago until last Thursday evening.

Etemad recalls that Khatami’s speech at the Jamaran Hosseiniyah about 12 years ago was partially interrupted by an attack by a group of opponents of the reforms.

“… Relying on the trend of political events and based on the re-reading of historical events of this period of about 12 years, we can say at least to some extent the trend of circumstances that have gone away and with increasing intensity, completed political and media restrictions of these political nobles attributed to the left faction and the reform process, and since a few years ago, with a slower pace than what we saw during the escalated restrictions, it opened up the situation of their political and media emergence…

Javan: New Coronavirus Peak

On its third page, Javan newspaper has published an article about the coronavirus with the title ‘Possibility of a new Coronavirus Peak in Late October’ in which it noted: The fifth peak of the coronavirus, despite the darkest days of the coronavirus in the country and bringing the number of victims to over 700 a day, is declining gradually, and the latest statistics of the Ministry of Health show that the death toll in the falling arm of the fifth wave, after 82 days, finally reached less than 200 a day. However, deputy minister of health believes that Iran can still be prone to the emergence of new strains that could be more contagious. According to the secretary of the National Scientific Committee of Coronavirus, many scientific societies in the world announced that we may face a new peak of Coronavirus in late October, that is to say in two or three weeks. However, all of such predictions vary based on health measures and community compliance, the rate of vaccination, and whether a new strain is resistant to health measures or vaccines….. “


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